I attempted to write something yesterday, however, much like the tears, I failed to catch the words which tumbled through my fingers. Like the rest of the fishing community, I reeled at the news that you had passed; you, one of the nicest, most humble and beautiful human beings I've…

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Always Whispering

She bubbles and babbles, always whispering. She can also roar, heavily stained as she moves ever downward, a slave only unto gravity. Today she whispers. Happily trickling and chattering as I listen in silence and smile.

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Silver Linings

When all this is over, we won't have experienced anything like it. They'll have been left alone and untouched; untroubled by trout fishermen, dry fly imitations, and bad drifts. Left alone to do what trout do when we aren't looking. It is going to be awesome. Silver linings.

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