I attempted to write something yesterday, however, much like the tears, I failed to catch the words which tumbled through my fingers. Like the rest of the fishing community, I reeled at the news that you had passed; you, one of the nicest, most humble and beautiful human beings I've…

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Always Whispering

She bubbles and babbles, always whispering. She can also roar, heavily stained as she moves ever downward, a slave only unto gravity. Today she whispers. Happily trickling and chattering as I listen in silence and smile.

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Silver Linings

When all this is over, we won't have experienced anything like it. They'll have been left alone and untouched; untroubled by trout fishermen, dry fly imitations, and bad drifts. Left alone to do what trout do when we aren't looking. It is going to be awesome. Silver linings.

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Though the World Is Going to Hell in a Handbasket, Life Isn’t so Bad

Last night's rain had resulted in a day of dog walks and fly tying. The water table is so high at the moment you could spit and there'd be a flood. Yesterday, however, was a good day. Yesterday I was able to cast dry flies. Nothing targeted (as nothing was…

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Monnow Rivers Association – Auction 2020

It's that time year! Yes folks, prepare to feast your eyes on a host of amazing fly fishing goodies. From hosted fly fishing days on a selection of rivers, to rods and reels, and a range of custom-tied flies you'll not find in the shops. First though, a little background...…

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This is My World

I spot her from atop a bridge, mouth white and gills flaring as she feeds on ascending Heptagenids. Every once in awhile she rises, targeting one of the hundreds of thousands of midge trapped in the surface film above her position. This is my world. Thirty-something minutes getting into position,…

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Mountain Stream Fishing

My younger, more attractive and rockstar brother recently created this rather nice short film. Granted, all filming was undertaken during the slower months of the season, but I think it sums up early season, higher altitude fishing rather nicely. All filming, composition, music and editing was completed by Rhys Lewis…

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